Tuesday, 20 April 2010


On Tuesday 23rd of March Jeff Bolter out UKIP Croydon South Candidate invited me to sit in on the Croydon Police Consultative Committee. On the way there I watched three lads attack a fourth outside East Croydon Station and the lot roll around on the tram lines whilst their girlfriends screamed. However there were no knives involved and the police arrived within minutes.

I won’t comment on the Committee itself since it is strictly non political, except to say that it was really brought home to me how Croydon is over stretched with a population of 350,000 and not only the same official resources from Central Government as smaller boroughs but a policy of directing resources into the inner city makes it suffer twice.

I was later, with input from ex copper Jeff Bolter, able to defend Croydon Police from the disappointment of Croydons population, one of whom wrote a letter to the press suggesting the only benefits of CCTV were that you could watch yourself being beaten up later. I pointed out that law breakers in Croydon were being arrested and CCTV had improved response times. But with the law courts unable to keep villains off the streets because the New Labour Government refuse to build any more prisons, re-offending tends to spiral out of control.

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